Winding Down Another Homeschool Year

June is a busy month for us. Ours sons’ birthdays and their birthday party are in June, Mama and Papa’s anniversary is in June, and we complete schooling at the beginning of the month, which means the evaluation will be coming up soon.

Our oldest has completed his 2nd official year of homeschooling. And we can remember very clearly just how nervous — and stressed — we were his 1st year.

Just before that¬†1st year, our youngest son had broken his leg. He was in a full-body cast and needed help with everything.¬†Everything. Nearly every amount of attention went to him, from day-to-day struggles to appointments at the children’s hospital almost 2 hours away. It’s not that we neglected or ignored the needs of our oldest, but it’s safe to say homeschool preparation took a back seat.

That resulted in an ill-prepared first year of homeschooling. Lessons were thrown together haphazardly, we feverishly read books to make sure everything necessary was covered, and our collection and records of work were a complete mess.

When it came time for the first evaluation, Mama was a wreck. She had scraped together every paper, photo, worksheet, and art project that had been completed…and the dining room table was a mess with all of it!

Yet that evaluation was less painful than choosing which book to read at night! Needless to say, she was over-prepared. All that was necessary was a reading log, examples of work at the beginning and end of the year, and a chance for the evaluating teacher to talk to the student.

And this was all done via Skype, in the comfort of our home.

This past year was a breeze. His reading skills are much-improved and he completed almost two full grade levels of work. Our reading list was extensive, as were our lists of activities, places visited, and events attended.

Not only did he grow, but we did too. From the first year to the second, we all discovered just how easy and fitting homeschooling is for us.

The lesson here: if you taught your child how to crawl, walk, talk, feed himself, and dress himself, then any parent can homeschool. Nobody knows your child better than you.

Honestly, it really is that easy.