Pumped Up Birthday Party

Our boys’ birthdays are only 2 years, 9 days apart. And since they are homeschooled they also have many of the same friends…mostly camping friends.

As a result, most of the boys’ birthday parties are combined. We ask them where they’d like to celebrate and their preferred theme, and so far they have both been on the same page each time. We never have their birthday party on either of their birthdays, though. We also pick the Saturday that falls between their birthdays.

We figured we’ll continue to do this for as long as they enjoy combining their birthday parties. We don’t force it in any way, and they enjoy doing it.

This year was no different. They wanted to have their party at a local Pump It Up location (an indoor inflatables center for kids) with a camping-themed cake, and it took place yesterday.

There was no shortage of friends either. For two boys that are homeschooled — which also automatically means they don’t have friends, or so we’ve been told — seven of their friends showed. Three that had planned to attend couldn’t show last-minute.

It was amazing that nearly all of their friends joined us, but even better is that both of their sets of grandparents and their uncle were there as well.

Yes, even Mama’s father, who had just had a heart attack almost three weeks ago. He was actually doing very well.

Everyone had a great time, and the cake was a hit.

We have a relatively small crowd of friends, but they are people we trust, we love, and we know we can count on. We’re very blessed to have them in our lives.


Guess What: Our Sons Do Have Friends

We are very blessed.

We have a generally small circle of friends. We believe in quality, not quantity. And the friends we have are amazing.

By “we,” we also mean our sons. Yes, homeschoolers really do have friends, despite popular belief.

Their friends range from four to thirteen years old, and not all of them are local. So when we were planning our sons’ combined 6th- and 8th-birthday party at a small local amusement park, we were in hopes the turnout would be awesome.

Of seventeen friends invited, thirteen were able to attend, four of which came from two other counties. Everyone had an amazing time, and we got the biggest kick out of watching all of the kids scurry about, going from one ride to another.

We don’t get to spend as much time with our friends as we’d like, and many of them don’t (or up until the birthday party, didn’t) know each other, but we do everything from park outings to camping trips with them.

Half of our friends are actually the result of camping/RVing.

It doesn’t necessarily matter whether or not — or where — you go to school, or church, or work, or get your hair done. Circumstances bring people together, and personalities and interests are what bond them.