New Year, New Adventures?

It’s a new year!

We don’t believe in resolutions. Those are nearly a setup for failure.

We don’t believe in making sudden or drastic life changes overnight. Yes, it’s a new year, but it’s still just a single day.

We do believe in reflection and setting goals though.

The past year was rough. We lost another friend to cancer. Some family members aren’t taking the best care of themselves, no matter how poorly they’ve been treated or what has happened to them; they just won’t learn.

It’s been a year of emotions.

But a lot of good came out of the year too. We got a new-to-us truck and a new — and our first! — fifth wheel RV. We safely traveled the country and went places we’d only dreamed or read about. Both boys are now homeschooling and are still the best of friends.

Now we’re contemplating a major change over the course of this year…but that’s all we’re going to say about that right now.

Bottom line: live each day to the fullest, and remember that, in the end, you’ll regret the risks you didn’t take rather than those that you did.

Happy 2017!