Nomadic Rocks

Recently we jumped on the Kindness Rocks Project bandwagon!

For months now we’ve been spotting rocks outside of Walmarts and Targets, throughout plazas, in parking lots, and alongside random sidewalks. Most of them read #BrevardRocks on the opposite side, but we assumed it was just some local school project going on.¬†Even campgrounds and parks have had colorful resident rocks with pictures and messages now, so then we though perhaps other district’s schools were getting in on it too.

Then a friend of ours was taking their son to a rock painting event last week (on July 19) and asked if we’d like to tag along. Free rocks, free painting, and a chance to hang out with friends…and get a break from all this packing and downsizing?! Count us in!

So Mama took the boys and we all painted two rocks apiece.

Not that we hid any of them yet though…LOL

We also learned a little more about the hobby. Come to find out, it wasn’t a school thing after all. It was actually all about spreading a little joy and inspiration and connecting strangers through little pictures and inspirational messages painted on small rocks and placed in random locations.

What a cool little idea!

We are big fans of geocaching and orienteering, so this just seemed like a fit for us.

After finding out more on the website we’ve decided to join this neat community. We have created a Facebook page at We will be painting rocks, writing messages on them, and including #NomadicRocks on each one to identify the ones we’ve created and then leave them at campgrounds and parks that we visit.

Most will be located throughout Florida, but even when we travel to other states — or countries — we will do the same there.

What a neat way to bring a smile to the faces of others and leave our footprint where we have been!

So please, if you find any of our rocks, please visit our Facebook page with a picture of the rock you’ve found, let us know where you’ve found it, and then feel free to either return it to where you found it, rehide it someplace else, or keep it if it means something to you!


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