About The ‘Skiys

We are a camping-loving, RV-passionate, homeschooling family of four (and a half), currently living on the Space Coast of Florida.

The “Skiy” in the title is pronounced “skee” and is an abbreviation of our family surname.

We’ve never been a family that goes with the crowd. We’re different from the rest of our relatives, and most would consider us to be just plain “weird.” We don’t go to church, our kids have never been in school or daycare or even had a baby-sitter, we’d rather go to places unknown than those that are familiar, we’re handy when it comes to survival and prepper skills, we don’t like crowds of people, we can’t stand staying in hotels, and we’re fanatic about Minecraft.

But we don’t mind not being “normal.”

Mama ‘Skiy is a native Floridian, born and raised and with deep-South roots. She and Papa ‘Skiy — who is originially from Russia — met in 1998, started dating in 1999, and were married in 2001. Our oldest son (D ‘Skiy) was born in 2008 and his brother (M ‘Skiy) completed our family in 2010. Our fur-child Luna rounds out the household and goes everywhere we go…although she’s simply a cat.

Mama ‘Skiy has an anthropology degree and homeschools the boys, and in January 2017 she became a pacemaker recipient when her heart suddenly decided to stop working properly. Papa ‘Skiy came to America in 1989, is a software engineer, and is an overall computer whiz and expert that does a great job at keeping Mama grounded.

Mama ‘Skiy has been camping since she was in diapers, mostly in tents, but also in one of her family’s two bumper-pulls (first a pop-up, then a tiny trailer). Papa ‘Skiy rarely camped in Russia, but he got a taste of camping when he and Mama started dating and they continued tent camping together for years. Then in 2011 we decided to buy a small used 24-ft travel trailer just to see if the kids would enjoy camping.

Immediately the boys were hooked and that was our home away from home for a little more than two years. After they literally outgrew that first travel trailer we upgraded to a larger new 30-ft travel trailer that we absolutely loved; to say this was the perfect travel trailer for any family is short of an understatement. However, it had no slides and no work space for Papa, making it ineligible for us to camp in for extended periods of road tripping.

In July 2016 we tearfully said fairwell to our beloved 2014 Coachman Freedom Express travel trailer. We’d had consistent A/C issues and apparently awning damage late 2015 resulted in a small crack in the roof that lead to a leak in the front of the rig. Long story short, the timing worked out well for us and we landed a 2016 Forest River Wildcat that was being clearanced out to make room for new models.

This blog is for chronicling our RVing experiences, lessons, and travels, as well as our homeschooling and fun-loving day-to-day lives, so that others may both learn from and be entertained by such posts and events. We hope you enjoy — and perhaps learn a little something from — our journey.