St(ick)er Shock

Suffice it to say we’ve been spoiled.

And no, there is no error in the title. (Promise.)

When we travel, we have everything with us: family, bed, kitchen, food, bathroom… Everything. And it’s clean, organized, predictable.


We’re two weeks into our trip and at our third campground. So far, we’ve been very blessed and the experience has been amazing. We book, we drive, we park, we set up, and we have our home, as it was when we departed from our house two weeks ago. (Okay, so we’ve eaten some of the food, gone through toiletries, and what-not.)

However, we will also be flying during this trip. We were already aware of this. It’s not that we’d prefer to fly, rent a car, and stay in a (*UGH*) hotel. Time constraints are requiring us to fly a couple of times instead of drive.

And that’s where the sticker shock comes in!

On average we’re paying $60 per night to camp, slightly less anyplace we’ll be at for longer than a week since campgrounds charge daily, weekly, and monthly rates, saving extended campers money. That’s pricey for camping, but considering the locations (close to big cities) and the amenities (pool, activities, full hookups) we’re still paying less per night to sleep, live, and eat in our own home compared to when someone stays at a budget hotel with sandpaper towels, sticky floors and possible bedbugs, and then dining out for nearly every meal.

One can’t help but get the heebie jeebies just thinking about hotel rooms!

Yes, we know: but we’re driving too. And our Ram 3500 doesn’t sip diesel either, although her mileage beats the pants off our previous Ram 1500. Part of the reason we travel is because we enjoy the sights, and you can’t put a price on that. For instance, when we drove through Indiana to get to Illinois we were positively enthralled by the windmill farms! We just don’t see anything like that in Florida!

Between the sights, keeping our feet on the ground, taking a detour if we feel like it, sitting and sleeping comfortably while traveling to our destination, not wondering what infectious disease we might contract from a passenger… Flying in an airplane just doesn’t compare.

But if that wasn’t reason enough, when did airline tickets get so expensive?

And again, if you’re flying, then you need to reserve a hotel and either rent a vehicle or count on public transportation. It all adds up so quickly, and seeing how just plain — let’s be juvenile for a moment — icky every bit of that is, on top of expensive…


We just booked our airline tickets from Chicago to Seattle and back again, as well as our hotel and car rental. We researched for the best deal, under the cleanest and safest circumstances possible, and yet we still couldn’t help but shake our heads at how costly flying someplace is and shudder at the thought of staying in a hotel.

Hotel. That’s a word RVers dread. After all, avoiding hotels is a big reason for RVing.

But let’s digress. It’s only for a couple of weeks. We’ve done this in the past.

But still…ick.


2 thoughts on “St(ick)er Shock

    • Under any other circumstance we definitely would, but since it’s a business trip and Papa’s employer is paying for where we stay, we are limited to choices. Thank you for the suggestion though!


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