Five States In Two Days

Despite what we considered a rough start, we made it to our first work-site destination on time. We stayed overnight at two truck stops — one on a Turnpike, one at a Flying J in Kentucky — and made it to our first campground in Illinois around 8pm CST Sunday evening.

That means we drove through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, and finally part of Illinois in two days.

The most-interesting thing we saw on the drive would have to be the windmill farms! Very cool!

And we have one thing to say: roads north of Tennessee aren’t taken care of at all, despite the crazy-expensive tolls in Illinois. We’ve driven Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York roads before and were quickly reminded how well-maintained southeastern roads are.

Case in point, the roads were so rough one of our wooden valances in the main slide of June was rattled right out of its screw holes and the check valve of June’s water line was rattled loose, causing water-pressure loss when we used our water pump. (We were concerned we had a leak but Papa ‘Skiy was able to quickly locate the issue.)

Let’s see how week one goes now!


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