The Final Countdown


How can it possibly already be here?!

In about 30 hours we’ll be on the road, heading toward our first destination: Cook County, Illinois. It will take us two days to get there, as long as everything goes smoothly.

And of course there are storms in the Atlantic…with sights set on Florida.

We haven’t been hit by a hurricane in more than a decade or anything stronger than a tropical storm in more than five years. Why now?!

As if we weren’t already stressed enough…

But we’re just about all packed up and prepared otherwise. It seems like we’re packing our lives to bring with us.

We’ve also been seeing family and several friends these past couple of weeks. We laugh, we talk…and then when we part ways it sadly feels like it’s for forever.

It’s not. It’s three months.

Yes, we’re still nervous and anxious and apprehensive and scared…as well as thrilled and excited and vigilant and venturesome.

How can there be such a broad range of emotions? Can’t we just feel excited and be done with it?!

It’s going to be strange, leaving our house for so long. We’re so blessed to have neighbors and friends watching over and taking care of our home…in addition to the security system we’ve had for years and added to sustantially over the weeks.

Our boys have been permitted to select a certain number of toys to bring, seeing how space is limited. Oddly enough, they’ve taken to downsizing very easily and are looking forward to the adventure and what lies ahead.

We’re going to nine states. Seven of these we’ll be camping in, and that doesn’t include anyplace we’ll boondock for the night. Two states we’ll be flying to.

Our cat will be flying too. This will be a first for her.

This is Bertha’s first big road trip.

This is June’s first adventure.

This is our family’s longest.

Que Europe: “It’s the final countdown!”


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