What’s In a Name?

We tend to pick names based on meaning.

Our oldest son’s name means “Lover of the Earth.” Our youngest son’s name means “Gift of the gods.”

Our cat’s name is Luna, which translates to “moon” in Russian. We adore the moon, and she happens to have a white crescent shape on her back.

Our truck’s name is Bertha, simply because she is big and reminded us of an old song about cave men and women, where one of the cave women was a big woman named Bertha, “one of the Butt sisters.”

So when it came time to name our new fifth wheel, we decided to go with something that had meaning to us.

Our fifth wheel’s name is June. Yes, after the month.

There are two years between our sons, but they were both born in June. Mama and Papa ‘Skiy were married in June of 2001. And we found Bertha in June.

Okay, so the former two are better reasons to go with the name “June,” but the latter is still relevant.

Our first rig’s name was Cubby and our second was The Coach, and each of these names were actually plays on the models of those travel trailers.

This time we went traditional and wanted meaning. June is a very special month for our family.

Let’s hope June and Bertha become good, lifelong friends.


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