Bittersweet Week

It’s been a week of ups and downs.

The day we went to pick up our new-to-us-truck, a friend of ours suddenly lost his short battle with cancer. The days that followed were tearful, and we tried to be there for his widow — his wife of 41 years — and their family. They are neighbors and dear friends, and our hearts ache for them.

The services for him were beautiful. He was a veteran, so it was also a military service complete with Taps.

One of his daughters spoke during the services, explaining how, after his passing, her dad made himself known to her in his own little way, in a manner that was special and had meaning between the two of them.

After the services we went to Mama ‘Skiy’s parents’ home, to celebrate the Independence Day weekend. Our new truck towed our travel trailer like a dream. No struggle, no sway…it was actually very difficult to even determine whether Coach was still attached and behind us!

The A/C problems in Coach continued and we made do with the leak issues. Overall, it was a nice weekend spent with family.

Looking back now, it’s difficult to think our friend didn’t have something to do with us finding our new truck.

(Her name is Bertha, by the way.)

The day we found Bertha our friend had fallen terminal. We didn’t know it at that time because we weren’t in town, and when we had left to go away for those days he was still at home, having started chemo that week.

He knew about our love of trucks and RVing, and he had a truck himself. We used to talk a lot about camping and traveling.

Then the morning of the day we went to pick up Bertha, our friend passed away. Everything fell together for us that day, while things were falling apart for his family.

He was a little bit of a prankster, with a heart the size of this country. So yes, we’d like to believe that he had a hand in us finding the perfect truck, when for months it had been so difficult and had gotten to the point that it seemed nearly impossible. Sometimes we thought about giving up on the truck search, thinking perhaps our 1500 would pull Coach across the country just fine. Almost immediately we’d reconsider and start looking again.

Then it just happened.

Thank you, Tom. We all miss you.


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