We’ve Found a Horse!

Sometimes things just come together.

Mama and Papa ‘Skiy celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on June 23rd. That same weekend there was an RV show on the other side of the state, so we decided to celebrate by spending the weekend in a hotel close to the location of the RV show.

Yuck… Hotels. But we didn’t have much choice this time.

As always, this show was another opportunity to research RVs. We’ve been eyeballing fifth wheels lately and were again having problems with our current travel trailer’s A/C — the 2nd time in 6 months. To boot, we’d also discovered a leak in the front cap, which we’re now assuming was the result of late last year when our awning was left out during a storm and had gotten ripped clean off our rig. Because of the A/C issues and the leak we hadn’t gotten repaired yet, we thought it best to stay in a hotel this trip.

We weren’t exactly on the market for anything, but we do have a large trip planned this summer and fall, so we were beginning to think we should explore options more seriously.

Despite we still didn’t have a larger truck.

The show was one of the better ones we’d been to in years. There were dozens of options for us to consider, and we also had the opportunity to rule out models that were once on our list.

Also, while in town we found out about a truck that was almost everything we’d been looking for. We went to the dealership — a Carmax — to take a look at it. Again, it was really nice, but the payload capacity just wasn’t there. It was a Ram 2500, which we thought would be the way we should go since we hadn’t had luck with finding affordable 3500s, but we quickly realized that if we even considered a fifth wheel that truck’s bed wouldn’t be able to handle it. Back to square one, realizing it would be best to stick with searching for a 3500.

That Saturday we started heading home. While one of us was driving the other was looking on the cell phone to see if there were any trucks along the way that we might want to look at.

There was one. And just looking at it on the screen of the Galaxy Active, it was love at first sight.

But there was also a large RV dealership on the way home — one that was at the show — and we decided to swing by and take a look at other models on the lot. When we started to leave we got the feeling we should probably take a little detour to go see this truck. It was still on the way home, but it was going to take us out of the way.

We went for it.

And we’re sure glad we did!

If Papa ‘Skiy could have made a list of all of the features he wanted in his Dream Truck — down to the color — this truck had it. It already hit on all the requirements Mama ‘Skiy had listed we would need in a strong run-it-to-the-ground-and-across-the-country truck.

The bonus: it was still under warranty, had exceptionally low miles, and was a mega cab.

Now, before we go any further, yes, we had decided that we’d go with a long bed, but that was before Papa did more research and found out we could go with a mega cab truck if we got a slide hitch for a fifth wheel.

We test drove the truck and fell absolutely in love with her. But we don’t jump at anything. We believe in what’s meant to be will be, so we discussed price and then left without even putting a down payment on the truck.

That was two days ago. We’ve done all the research possible and can find absolutely nothing about this truck that we don’t love.

And tomorrow we’re going to go get her!

Here are her specs: She’s a 2015 Ram 3500 Longhorn Megacab 4×4 dually diesel truck, with the AISIN transmission, 4.10 axle ratio, and only around 16,000 miles. What does all of that mean? She can tow 28,000 pounds! Her brown leather interior is as gorgeous as her shiny red exterior, and we also can’t believe she’s got a sweet moonroof and wind deflector on the hood

Our only question now: who’s more excited about getting her — Mama, Papa, or the boys?!


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