The PT Struggle Is Real

We absolutely love this RV lifestyle. We never look forward to going home and getting back to the everyday hustle and bustle. When we go camping we disconnect from the outside and electronic worlds and reconnect with Nature and one another…and ourselves.

The worst part is packing for and unpacking from each and every trip…but not for the reasons one might think.

True, it’s repetitive and mundane to print out the same checklist over and over again. To make sure we packed the correct amount of food and beverages…because of the time we realized we left the hot dog buns at home on the counter only once when we needed them at the campground. To make sure no type of clothing was forgotten…because we did forget underwear one time. To make sure we remembered protective gear for bikes and scooters, fishing poles and bait, swimsuits and goggles…and so on.

True, it gets exhausting undressing and redressing the beds, unloading and reloading towels and dish cloths, emptying the hampers…essentially washing even more laundry than a typical week would involve.

True, it gets old to constantly move food from one fridge and pantry to another — from the house to the Coach — just to relocate everything again 2 or 3 days later.

Yes, this is all quite accurate. But this isn’t what makes recreational RVing rough.

It’s the fact it’s only temporary.

Oh, how we long for the day we pack our rig, head out for a destination, and when we get there know that we don’t need to return home in a couple or few days…because our home is with us, and we’re already home!

The packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, stocking and moving back into the S&B is entirely worth it for the experience and exposure we get as a family, every time we go anyplace, whether it’s for the first time or our 5th.

We just can’t wait until we have to do it one more time, for the last time.

One can dream, can’t they?


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